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  • What is "Jinga"?
  • Are your shoes really 100% Vegan andwhat does this mean?
  • What are Jingas made from?
  • How do I wash them?
  • Can I use Jingas outdoors, or just indoors?
  • Can I use Jingas for dancing?
  • Can I use Jingas for running?
  • What size should I buy?
  • Got another question?
What is Jinga?

Jinga is a Fashion Brand based on Dancing/Running/Gym sports with a Brazilian/Latin American ethos.
Jinga is also the Brazilian word for pizzazz, movement, energy: that elusive essence of the Brazilian people and their dance/sports culture.

Are your shoes really 100% Vegan, and what does this mean?

Jingas are really 100% Vegan. This means that there are no animal products used in their construction. No leather, no animal based glues, and no animal based dyes.

What are Jingas made from?

Jingas are currently made as follows:

Upper: PU/Mesh/Nylon/Polyester (depending on models)
Outer Sole: Rubber/PVC (depending on models)

How do I wash them?

The most eco friendly way to keep Jingas clean is to handwash them, cold, using a detergent. Its probably best to take the innersoles out before washing. Then just leave them to dry naturally. Our tip is to wash the laces too (although take them out first) as it makes a difference! You can wash non patent styles in the Washing Machine, however its essential to wash them on a cool wash (no higher than 30 degrees) as any higher will be bad for Jingas (..and the environment).

Can I wear Jingas outdoors, or just indoors?

Jingas are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The soles are slim, but they are hardwearing, and most people wear Jingas for normal, everyday outdoor use.

Can I wear Jingas for dancing?

Jingas are extremely flexible and lightweight, allowing your feet their full range of movement. This makes them ideal for a broad range of dance, from Streetdance and Capoeira to Zouk, Jazz and Modern. The soles are harder and therefore smoother than rubber, giving a good surface for spins if dancing Salsa or Jive. Jingas are worn by thousands of dancers the world over, including international Salsa Champions U Tribe and Swing Guys.

Can I use Jingas for running?

Jingas are used by many people for a style of running known as Barefoot or Minimal running, where they provide a great option for a next best thing to barefoot running experience. However, this is a particular style of running which needs to be learned with care, and is quite a different way of running. If you are not familiar with this style of running, Jingas are probably not advisable for you, as they do not provide sufficient cushioning at the heel like standard running shoes.

What size should I buy?

Take a look at our Size Chart.

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