Dancing is after all about expressing yourself and Jingas give you style and colour alongside total comfort and flexibility. Used in Brazil for dance and movement from Capoeira through to Samba,the lightness and flexibility of Jinga Originals makes themperfectly suited to all kinds of dancing. Comfy enough for classes and funky enough for wearing out on the dancefloor, Jingas have become the footwear of choice for thousands of dancers bothin the UK and now worldwide,with internationally recognised teachers and performers wearing and recommending Jingas, including the world famous salsa performance groups The Swing Guys and U-Tribe.

What makes Jingas such a great choice for dancing?

  • From the sole to the upper all elements are chosen for their lightweight quality allowing you to flex, bend and turn your feet without restriction
  • Jingas have a slimline sole made from TPU. Unlike riubber the hard non porous soles generate little friction and offer superior wear, grease and temperature resistance
  • Dynamic Sole Design enhanced with a Spin Spot on the ball of the foot, providing the balance of enough slip to spin with ease yet enough grip to stay in full control
  • Unique lateral design adjusted to best protect the foot and offer superior wear at key stress points without adding bulk to the shoe
  • Cupped sole for better protection at the base of the shoe