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Our aim at Jinga Shoes is to capture this vibrancy and dynamism of Brazilian culture and channel it into everything we do, all the way through from product design at the start to the outcomes at the very end of our business process, making sure that Jinga is a great product through and through.

No Elevated Sole

For some cases, elevated sole can be harmful, and it is sometimes hard to buy non-elevated sole shoe. Unsurprisingly, some health impact has been reported, such as Foot and tendon problems according to some researchers. e.g. Marco Narici (The Economist, 17 July 2010, p. 84).

persistent usage of high-heeled shoes causes the calf muscle to shorten - an average of 13% in their study - while the Achilles tendon becomes significantly thicker and stiffer. (Source: The Economist, 17 July 2010, p. 84.)

No Toe Spring

There is another issue called Toe Spring As you may have noticed, a lot of big sport brand shoes have Toe Spring which is sometimes 20-30mm. This is unnatural for your toes.

The Jinga Original

With its origins as a dance and Capoeira shoe, the Jinga Original, our signature shoe, is an exceptionally lightweight and flexible. Weighing less than 375g (size38) per pair and with both upper and outersole designed to give the maximum range of movement to your feet, Jinga shoes allow you to move more freely, as nature intended. True to their Brazilian origins, Jinga shoes are produced in a wide range of vibrant colours.

The Design of Jinga
The new Jinga is a brand new addition to the classic Jinga product range.
They carry through our design commitment to creating stylish, lightweight footwear solutions

Jinga for Dance, Run, Gym and more!

Jingas are more than just a good looking shoe. They are designed specifically as a hybrid shoe, performing as naturally on the dancefloor as strolling down the street. Find out more about Jingas for Dance: Jinga Dance
Materials, Production and Technicals

For the upper fabrics we have selected manufacturers specialising in high quality sports fabrics.
Lightness, Flexibility and Durability

Our design goal is to find the perfect balance between Lightness, Flexibility and Durability, so your experience in Jinga is like walking barefoot.
To this end, we have invested in cupped soles, which instead of being stamped out flat, are specially moulded to curve up around the edge of the shoe, in order to protect the fabric nearest the ground even when the sole is very low.
Straight Last
A Dozen Pairs of Shoes have Curved Last but it is an artificial shape compared to barefoot.

The Sole Lateral Design (Stripes)
The Outer Sole itself is made from Rubber which offers superior wear, grease and temperature resistance, and with the natural flexibility to give you unrestricted movement.
The lateral design (stripes) may look like decoration, but that is not all they are! The placement is strategically designed to give the best possible protection to the lightweight fabric beneath the shoes at key stress points and to hold shape with the minimum of extra bulk.